The Slack Line Master – And My Mobility Challenge

I already shared my mountain bike example of why you are not too old! (if you haven’t read that, click here) and I want to share with you yet another example I have for why your age is really not a factor at this game!
All that will lead to my mobility challenge!

Control your body, don’t let it control you!

I keep saying that to myself, repeatedly for the past 15 years!!
This is something I been trying to live by in every physical activity I do; moved from 2 or 3 pull-ups to 23 pull-ups, did a 100 clean push-ups in a row, learned to do a handstand, ran 10K, learned how to ride a mountain bike at the age of 27, did 100 burpees in less than 10 min (most people haven’t done a 100 burpees in their entire life!), I got two black belts – one in Krav Maga and the other in Karate.
Well, I have some things to be proud of, that I achieved through reminding myself that I control my body and not the other way around.


There is always this one thing that I could never do, I always had a problem with mobility/flexibility.
I can’t touch my toes while keeping my legs straight, I can’t sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor and I want to do a split!
I know, a lot of people can’t do that, so what? Well, if you think about it, it’s such a basic thing to do! (maybe the part of doing a split is not so basic, but it’s definitely a challenge).
Just think of when I’m older, I don’t want that mobility will be what’s keeping me from doing all the things that I love!

Let me tell you a short story

I was at the climbing club one day, just having a quick workout before I got back home. They have there a Slack Line rig, great for balance practice and more than that a whole lot of fun!
I was pretty good on that, I could comfortably manage to get from side to side and back a few times in a row, but I never took it as something more than just something to do for fun.
I wanted to have a few goes before I go home but there was someone on it so I just stood there and watch him walking the line.


He stopped, got really low with his body and put his hands on the line.
I was thinking great! his about to fall and I could finally have a go, but no, from that position, he suddenly lifted his legs and performed the perfect handstand I saw to this day – ON A SLACK LINE!
well, so what?
If that is what you are thinking to yourself,  I urge you to try it for yourself! You would not believe the amount of power that is needed to perform this exercise!
I didn’t care anymore to walk on the line, I just wanted to ask this guy: how the hell did he do that?!
When he got down I started the conversation, asked him how he had trained for that and a lot of technical training stuff… I got my answers, but that’s not the point, in the middle of the conversation I asked for his age?

What he had said to me go me motivated like never before!

He was 56 years old!

At that time, I think I was 24 years old, thinking that it was too late for me to do just about anything with my body, I’ve missed my train – that moment when he said the number 56 all I could think of is that I want to be like that at that age! (just to give you guys the whole picture, I thought he was no more than 30!)
Why is mobility so important for me?
I decided to take my body to the next level, well, mobility and flexibility are definitely a part of it! Just because they don’t come easy for me, doesn’t mean I can’t do them!

Today I’m 28 years old and in one year from now:

  • I’d be able to reach my toes while keeping my legs straight and my back as straight as possible.
  • I’d be able to sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor with a straight back.
  • I will do 170 cm split in length (yes it’s not a full split but I have to keep my goals realistic – don’t worry, a full split will be achieved too).
Here are pictures to let you see where I stand at the moment:
As you can see, I’m way off from touching my toes and my back is super bent, while sitting, my knees are really high up and my back is also bent to keep me from falling backward. And finally, I have a 147 cm “split” I got 23 cm left to reach my 170 cm goal!

Making My Mobility Challenge Public

I’m not scared or embarrassed to share these pictures here and on social media, as I have set my goals.
And now I have you guys to put me accountable for every step I take in this Mobility Challenge!
Let’s Get This Started!
This is the start of what may be the longest challenge I have ever set for myself! I’m excited to start it.
I will be updating soon so stay tuned…

If you enjoyed this one, check out some of my other posts hereand if you like what you’ve seen so far and want to help me out on my journey, you are more than welcome to check out my Patreon page =)

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