How To Get Back Up When Everything Goes Wrong!

An old and wise Chinese man said this a long time ago: “sh*t happens!” – well, don’t quote me on that one, but I’m sure that’s what he meant to say…

Last week everything went just horribly wrong for me and I want to share how I got back on track!

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Things where finally starting to fall into place for me, for the first time in about 10 years I thought I had my life plan all set up; work, body, mind, and love – I could not believe how fast things can change in life and go wrong.
Everything started to fall apart, step by step:


I train people for a living, I got group lessons and private customers that I train on a weekly basis, and I love my job!
I just love knowing that I can make a difference for someone in his or her life – this is what gives me the energy I need to move on.
Now I guess I got overconfident and I just took my foot off the gas, let me explain:
During August, except for taking privet lessons, I’m not training any groups, a well-deserved break to give the body some time to recover after a long year and time for the mind to actually miss training.
That is the time
I usually work really hard on building my name and trying to drive more people to sign up for a group or privet lesson for the next year that starts in September, but as I said before, I got overconfidence this year and I haven’t done any marketing at all! I thought I could get all the people I need to fill up the groups and even open a new group!
As you can guess, that didn’t happen… suddenly I found my business struggling and I found myself hating my job for the first time in 16 years!


The mind can play some cruel tricks on you! And that’s exactly what happened to me last week as I was constantly thinking about everything that had gone wrong with my job.
My mind just let me “enjoy” myself and kept nurturing and growing all the destructive thoughts I had about my job that I couldn’t see how easy it was to get back on my feet and move on.


And one more thing that my mind did for me (for my body to be exact), my mind felt all the pain I was going through and decided to give me the full experience in a form of a 38.5° fever!
The last time I was sick was about 3 years ago!
and perhaps the most difficult blow of them all was:


This one is still fresh, but if I could sum what had happened, I’d say that at a certain part of the relationship we stopped being friends and we found ourselves just two people living together.
We were missing the most basic element in a relationship (in my opinion) and it’s friendship – so we decided to stop after almost two years.
All of this happened last week…


And to top all of this

As some of you may have seen on my website, all of the blog content got magically erased, everything I’ve been working on for the past two months! – you know, just the world trying to say “life’s a bitch, you’re welcome” (with a lot of effort all of the blog content is back online now!).
And as my old Chinese friend from the beginning said: “well, sh*t Happens! But what are you going to do about it?”
So, how did I moved on?
The first few days I was a complete mess, laying in bed and from bed to my sofa and back again to bed… just didn’t see the point of doing anything at that moment.
Here is the funny and ever so stupid thing about so many people – no matter how miserable they will be and no matter how bad of a situation they’ll find themselves at – most people will do nothing about it.
They will stay exactly where they are and even at sometimes make things worse than before! I was there.
It All Went Wrong
I should get out of bed, I knew that I should take care of myself, but I was like any other people and the thing that got me out if that situation was so simple, talking about it.
I just decided to share what I was feeling with friends, family and even random people. For me that is a hard thing to do, I’m not used to be on that side when bad things happen, I’m used to be the guy that people turn to when they feel bad so it was weird for me, but I noticed that the more I share, the more I talk about things, I start to see the whole picture and not just my perspective.

Talking is the key

If you feel stuck, and I believe that it really does not matter what kind of problem you have, you may be trying to overcome the hardest obstacle you’ve ever encounter, or it could even be the smallest thing that you might think is nothing – talk about it.
The first person
That you’d talk to will listen, and that may be the most important element on your way to move on, having someone that could listen to you is so important as it helps to let go of the stress, anxiety and the general feeling that the world sits on your shoulders…
The second person
You’d talk to will start to make you feel a bit comfortable with your problem/s, it could be by a little or even a lot, but without you knowing it, you are already on your way to getting back up and moving on. With every person that will come after that feeling of comfort will increase until one day, you’d find your problem/s behind you, you’ve moved on!

On A Personal Note

This post was not easy or fun to write, but it was important for me to get it out there and share one more time what I’ve been through.
If you feel like something is on your mind, could be big or small, it doesn’t matter, feel free to start talking about it here, sometimes it is easier to write what you think then to talk about it, so I hope that this post will be a platform for anyone that needs it, you can write it here or anywhere else, just make sure that someone could listen to you.

If you enjoyed this one, check out some of my other posts hereand if you like what you’ve seen so far and want to help me out on my journey, you are more than welcome to check out my Patreon page =)

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