Doing It The Right Way!

This one is on a personal note, I think that you can take a lot of stuff from this post.

If you got what it takes to actually do it and make it all the way to the end result.

I do believe that the people that surround you have the most impact on your life, they can change your mood, they can inspire you and they can get you to higher places, but, they can also bring you down too.

It all depends on who are the people that you surround yourself with.

I recently read the book – Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by the legendary trainer Tim S. Grover who trained Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and hundreds other NFL, MLB, NBA, and Olympic athletes.

The book put people into 3 main groups; Coolers, Closers, and Cleaners.


Are people that considered to be average at what they do.

They won’t show up early to work and won’t do extra hours if there is some work that left undone.

Just the average nine to five people.


Are people that will get things done! The will get to the end result almost every single time in every situation.

The only thing that can stop them is if they’re being overwhelmed by too many variables plus a lot of adversity by their surrounding and they just can’t handle it, so they end up stopping.


Are individuals that will get things done and will get to the end result no matter what!

And the main difference between a closer and a cleaner is that a cleaner will get the job done every single time, every time he set his mind to it! Over and over again.

There is just no other option for a cleaner, they will get it done, period.

The Story Starts Here

I want to share with you how I got to be mentored by a cleaner and until just recently I haven’t even noticed it.

One of the key elements that cleaners have is the ability to not only become successful at what they do but to make the people around them get higher along the way.

We begin with a pair of old and torn shoes without laces and one of my best friends!

Prologue – From Walking to Running - willing to make the change

I think we were about 13 years old, he had asthma – if he had too much activity he’d had to use his inhaler in order to breath normally again.

His inhaler was with him all the time and it was used on a regular basis – he wanted to change that.

At the start, he got out from his parent’s house and just walked from one side of the street to the other and back, that was it for the day, 800 meters.

(yes, I’ve googled maps to check this)

Doing It The Right Way - walking route result

Time after time, he got better, done it 2 times, 3, 4, 5… until he started running from side to side, again, at first it was just one round that soon enough turned into 2 rounds and so on until he ran 2 kilometers.

Now the inhaler would just lay at the bottom of his bag and the end result was not carrying it at all, as he didn’t need it anymore.

Chapter 01 – First Result, First Spark

It started as an experiment, he wanted to know if he could sell this sh*t? I mean, who would buy this anyway?

Well, there’s nothing to lose, he uploaded it to eBay, for him, it was just a way to check out the platform as a seller and see if he could start his journey there.

The very first item he uploaded was a pair of old and torn shoes without laces.

It was very technical, just to learn the upload process.

(YouTube wasn’t that famous on the “How To’s” guides at that time – you had to do the trial and error yourself!)

Doing It The Right Way! - Old Shoes result

And guess what, some delusional person actually bought the dame thing! At first, he thought it was just by accident.

So he emailed that person and asked if he knows that the shoes are not new and they don’t have any laces on them – he got the replay mail that said: “yes, I collect these shoes, send them.” – and he thought “if I can sell this, I can sell anything!” – here his entrepreneur journey started…

Chapter 02 – Finding The Spot

Okay, so we had a sell, what’s next? Well, sell stuff… he went into shops and just bought stuff that was on sale and resold them online, earning the discount back.

Some things worked better than others, like soaps and perfumes, so he’d look for them at a discount – buying and selling, one step at a time, learning how the system works from his own mistakes and successes.

At one point he started selling makeup brushes.

No, he had no idea about makeup brushes – but he learned everything there is to know about them, because it sold good and he wanted to increase his sells.

That’s when he opened ‘Kleo’ – first business – an online shop that sells makeup brushes.

He needed to find out how to build a website, this was not the time that you could just go into WIX and get a website in seconds.

He had to learn how to code and solve everything along the way.

Doing It The Right Way! - KLEO result
It didn’t take long that the online shop would be one of the bestselling make-up brushes shop in the country!
Now He Had A Problem
A lot of sells meant a lot of products and he could no longer manage his business from his bedroom.
He was on the lookout for an office and found it in a form of a small unused storage room at the back of a beauty salon.
Another business opportunity to learn about the market…
The business keeps growing, but so does its problems, now he was so caught up with handling the products and barely had time to develop his business along the way.
It was packing and mailing or advancing to the next level and since he could not afford a second pair of hands he looked for a way to move to the next level.

Chapter 03 – Dealing with problems

The main problem was that there wasn’t any logistics company in the area that would take orders from a small business and hiring a company like that was just not an option, the business, successful as it was, just couldn’t afford it.

The solution was simple, open a new form of a logistics company that could handle small online businesses ‘LogSpace’ – second business.

Reaching out to online sellers and offering them a logistic solution, so like him, they could concentrate on developing their businesses.

With that next level, he found himself at a new office with a small storage room attached to it.

Receiving products from all over the country and sending them to every corner of the globe.

And guess what? More problems, now, he’d needed to manage not only his make-up brushes business but others online businesses as well!

This time

He turned to the “back-end” and started to work on improving the website and especially, everything that made the website work as good as it could (or in his language “back-end”).

He had to put the extra hours in learning more than ever, spend whole nights writing code and continue working after.

Soon enough people got interested in his website and wanted one for themselves, he’d found out that it was way more profitable to build these sites than to do everything he’d done to this point!

In solving that problemCodix’ was born – third business – a new company that specialized in building e-commerce platforms for small and soon big companies.

Doing It The Right Way! - Codix result

Again, new office, this time in a more central place closes to all the action and after some time he got his very first employ, the second and the third come soon after…

To be continued…

Conclusions – What Result Can You Get Out Of This?

First You have to understand that

Once you decide to act and move, you’d need to be able to solve your problems along the way.

Every part and chapter of this post describe a different way to act in order to be successful at what you do and solve your problems.

The first and most important step you’d ever have to do is to have the desire to change things!

Make your situation better, no matter how – just do it, it will take time + effort = grind!

The grind

Is and will always be a part of your journey, there are no shortcuts! And the sooner you’d come to realize that, the better.

After that, just go out there and start making moves, sell stuff/ workout/ learn or whatever you want to do and go all the way!

This is how a cleaner set his life up, always looking at the end result and growing bigger with every step he takes!

No matter how hard or long the grind will be!

If you want to read more about how some of the best cleaners act you can get the book here.

I don’t know where I am at that whole cooler, closer, cleaner thing – but I do know that I want to surround myself with cleaners.

Hoping to find inspiration at what they do and how they act, just like my friend – So I’d be able to set my goals and get to the end result.

(by the way, this whole blog wouldn’t be here for everyone to enjoy without his help, so, thanks!)

If you enjoyed this one, check out some of my other posts hereand if you like what you’ve seen so far and want to help me out on my journey, you are more than welcome to check out my Patreon page =)

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