Don’t Do It Alone!

About a year ago I got injured during one of my climbing sessions, I was climbing alone in a cave-like feature in my local climbing gym.

Hanging upside down from the cave’s top section, just one more move left to reach the edge of the cave and the rest of the route was supposed to be easy.

I was hanging with just my fingertips on a very small hold, trying to close (finish) a route that was way above my pay grade – it looked cool and fun, so I gave it a try anyway.

It all went well

Until that move, I had to reach with my left hand to a far away hold at the edge, which meant, leaving my whole body to hang in the air, supported only by the fingertips of my right hand.

I released my left hand towards the next hold and then I heard “PACK!” – it came from my right ring finger, accompanied by a wave of electric pain all the way to the back of my right shoulder.

I was down… injured… Alone…
Don’t Do It Alone! injury picture

I had to stop climbing for a year! + get myself into a tough regime of physiotherapy to fix all the mobility problems that I had in my shoulder because of the fall.

After one year of dealing with the pain and fixing my shoulder, I was back!

Only one problem

If you take such a long break from any kind of sport, you’re gonna need to work extra hard to get into the level that you once were. And sometimes it feels that you got back to the beginner’s playground – That can be so frustrating, I personally know people that never got back to there sport after they got injured.

Luckily for me, that wasn’t the case. I had one important factor that made me get back on my feet practice after practice and made me see the reason why I got into that sport in the first place.

I was never alone!
Don’t Do It Alone! climbing picture

The main problem is when you let your ego take control, you look at the obstacle that’s ahead of you and in your mind, you know you’ve done it so many times before, but your body just fails to perform as you expect it to. You get angry and you stop!

This is the point where you need to have a training partner. You see, you don’t have to do it alone!

You may be running, climbing, playing any kind of ball game sport or something else.

When you train with a partner it reduces the chance of your ego taking control and letting you practice what you love and actually enjoy it.

Sometimes all we need

Is a bit of motivation to get things done, it may be a workout or even practicing your musical instrument, doing it alone, sometimes just don’t cut it.

We all need that “come on” / “just one more set” / “you’re doing great!” it is nice to know there is someone beside you that is feeling what you’re feeling and having the same struggles you are going through – maybe for support or for competition to motivate you.

And guess what? You’d get better and better with every practice you’ve complete; a partner can even drive you to get better faster.

Don’t Do It Alone! workout picture

I’m proud to say

That now, after a whole year of taking a break + one more year of getting back, I am almost where I was before my injury and from my point of view, I can tell you that without all of my training partners I would have probably quitted climbing for good!

So, if you have some big obstacles in front of you, it could be n injury that you need to recover from or any other obstacle that may be in your way (doesn’t have to be a physical one) – don’t do it alone, find someone to join you in your journey, the results are amazing (and so is the way to achieve your goals!).

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Enjoy your journey and go Beyond Boundaries, Shahaf Suarez
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Enjoy your journey and go Beyond Boundaries, Shahaf Suarez
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