Past Experiences ep.04 – Underwater Dangers

Past Experiences ep.04 – Underwater Danger

It took me about 30 seconds to understand that something bad is going to happen to this guy.

He, On the other hand, wasn’t even aware of the underwater danger that soon will befall him.

Underwater Danger

Underwater Dangers

Many things can happen underwater, most of them, to my experience, are pretty amazing!

Let's Go Back A Bit

I fell in love with the underwater world while I was chasing my dreams looking for the a-pecs predator of the oceans, the Orca, in the cold water of New Zealand.

When I got back home, I was a man on a mission, get enough experience at diving and apply for a job at a local diving club, that way, I could spend as much time as I want just being underwater.

Something about being there made me feel so relaxed, it’s hard to explain, but it feels like the rest of the world is on mute

I Got The Job

Nothing fancy, just cleaning around the dive club and helping people get ready before there dives with all their equipment, hauling it into the boat and back, making sure the dive tanks were full and so on…

Just the simple maintenance jobs that no one wanted to do, a pretty sh*ty job, but I didn’t care because I could take free diving equipment and go diving in my free time before or after work, and that was worth it!

Soon enough I started my dive master course! (nailed it, of course =)

Underwater Dangers - Diving

As a Dive Master, my job was to take groups of divers underwater to explore the old shipwrecks in the area, I would make sure that everybody had a dive partner and that all the equipment is checked before we get on the boat (it was nice not carrying all the equipment for a change).

I was the first to get my head underwater and also the last to get it out, going to explore and getting back to shore to take another group, that was my job =)

The Sunken Submarine

Scirè Submarine - Underwater Dangers

It lay perfectly still at 32 meters (105 ft) below the surface.

The Scirè submarine was a WW2 Italian sub that sunk on the 10th of August 1942, damaged by depth charges dropped by a British naval trawler.

There was only one danger with diving to the sub, the danger was hidden from plain sight and could strike with extremely strong blows, it was the unpredictable current in the area where the wreck had been.

So, for obvious reasons, it wasn’t on the usual diving plan, but more for the experienced divers only bonus dive.

Again, my job was to be the first to get my head underwater and also the last to get it out, but not this time…

Past Experiences ep.04 – Underwater Danger

Descending Underwater


I knew most of the group, and all of them had more dives on record than I did, some of them had been diving before I was even born, but I was in charge of the group.

I gave the usual pre-dive briefing and explained about the dive site and what to expect once we’d go underwater.

They didn’t care too much, “come on kid, we don’t have the whole day!…” I didn’t care, just made sure they were listening to the next part:

“From the moment we drop from the boat to the water, you must hold the rope! don’t let go until we reach the sub and once we’d be there you should always hold onto something…”

It Was Time To Go

After my dive equipment check on the ground, we set sail to the dive site GPS coordinate saved on the skipper’s phone.

Once we got in the proximity of the site we spotted a buoy that was connected to the submarine below the water.

When the skipper gave us the O.K that we were all tied up and ready to go, we all got into the water and by my request (more of a demand) had to swim to the buoy and grab hold of the rope.

Going Down

Everything was going according to plan, everyone on the group was in the water holding the rope and I signaled 👌🏻 – “okay”, 👎🏻 –  “going down”.

Descending Underwater – Underwater Dangers1

We started the descent, when to my surprise one of the group members decided to let go of the rope and go on its own down fast to “gain” more bottom time alone before the rest of the group.

It took me about 30 seconds to understand that something bad is going to happen to this guy. Not wanting to waste time with the rest of the group being slower than him, he thought that he could get down first and explore on his own.

He wasn’t even aware of the underwater danger that soon will befall him.

He Disappeared

Besides the strong current in this dive site, the visibility at that day was one of the worst, I could see no more than 5 meters ahead of me and I knew that if I would let go of the rope and go after him, I would leave the rest of the group alone and that was not an option.

From that moment on I had to assume that he will follow the pre-dive guidelines that I gave, surface and signal the boat for a pickup (I was sure that he managed to descend but I also knew that there is no chance that he’d get to the dive site without the help of the rope in that current).

After 5 Minutes

I was down with the rest of the group exploring the sunken submarine, the rest of the dive went according to plan.

It was on the way back to the sub’s bow (The bow is the forward part of the hull of a ship or at this occasion, submarine) just moments before I wanted to signal to the group 👍🏻 – “going up”, that I saw him again!

I could see that he was in distress, moving his arms and legs in all directions trying to get close to me, he was missing one of his fins and I could see in his eyes that he was afraid.

I grabbed him and just acted on autopilot from that moment onward.

Autopilot CheckList:
  1. Checking his air pressure – not good! He was nearly out of air and we were 32 meters underwater!
  2. Releasing my second octopus (secondary air hose used to share air from the same tank) and putting it in his mouth, pressing the purge button to clear the water so he could breathe normally.
  3. Signaling to the rest of the group that it is 👍🏻! “time to go up!”.
  4. Trying to calm him down as we go slowly up, and every now and then checking my own air pressure – I had plenty left for the both of us.
  5. Signaling the skipper to pick us up and help me get him up to the boat, he could not do it on his own, he was exhausted to a point that we had to pull him up.
Once on the boat

I helped him take his dive equipment off and slowly he recovered.

He told me that he was impatient and just wanted to go down and see the sub, he remembered letting go of the rope and going down thinking that I was just trying to scare the group with all my warnings about the current there, when it hit him…

He couldn’t remember how long it took him to find the submarine and how he’d lost one of his fins.

I can only imagine what would have happened if he didn’t found the Scirè in time…

In The End

A lot of things went wrong with this guy, from the moment he decided to let go of the rope and then not surfacing up once he noticed that he was lost and trying to manage alone underwater without his dive partner (that was left with the rest of the group).

This is just something to think about, for me, this experience had changed a lot in my life.

I’m by no means a perfect guy, but I do think twice before I get impatient about things.

Plus, I found a good thing about that past experience in the underwater, I got the chance to be tested on a real situation if I can take the pressure and perform as I should, and I did, if I’m looking at this from this perspective, I’m happy.

Before I Go

This post is a part of a series of past experiences that made an impact on me or even changed my life!

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Human Flag Challenge Update

Human Flag Challenge Update

These are the results of working hard on the human flag challenge for 30 days!

Human Flag Challenge Update

Human Flag Challenge - Done!

I did it! It took a lot of daily work and practice, but it is done!

To be honest with you guys, I was a bit afraid that after my last challenge failure I will fail again.

So, there was a bit of psychological effect to this one…

Day One - Research

As usual, I’ve looked at almost every video tutorial on YouTube – because, well, that is the most reliable source of information out there right?

After a few fun hours of looking on every “how to do the human flag challenge”, I’ve looked into the books for answers, anatomy books (yes, I just happened to have a few of them laying around in my apartment).

I found that I need to extraordinary increase the amount of strength and stability of my shoulders and lats as well as the “core”, hips and my gripping muscles.

Some Extra Knoledge

If you’re interested in knowing all (most) of the muscles that your body will need to activate in order to perform the human flag challenge, press that “Show it to me!” button.

Top Arm
  • latissimus Dorsi
  • Teres Major
  • Triceps
  • Subscapularis
  • Rhomboids
  • Fingers Flexors
Bottom Arm
  • Middle Deltoid
  • Anterior Deltoid
  • Trapezius
  • Biceps
  • Brachioradialis
  • Brachialis
  • Forearm Flexors
  • Rectus Abdominis
  • Obliques
  • Spinal Extensors
  • Quadratus Lumborum
Top Leg
  • Gluteus Maxsimus
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus
  • Tensor Fascia Latae
Bottom Leg
  • Adductor Magnus
  • Adductor Lungus
  • Adductor Brevis
  • Pectineus

And now you know =)

Show it to me!

Training For Results

Day 2 to 20

Starting by checking if I can even lift my body off the ground, it was an obvious answer – NO!

Starting With The Arms And Shoulders

The first thing that I noticed was that my shoulders were not as strong as I thought, mostly because I never got back to the shoulder strength I had before I got injured.

I started with the static handstands, from there I moved on to handstand push-ups – that exercise alone felt like hell on my muscles, but I really felt how I improve my strength after each rep.

Next Came The "Core"

In general, I’m pretty good at all of this “core” game as you can see in the video below, doing the front lever exercise.

(yes, it takes a lot of shoulder strength, but your back and abdominal muscles are a key factor in this exercise)

So for me, it was the side plank and its variations as a way of targeting the oblique muscles.

Lastly, Legs Training

I didn’t really need that much work here, but it was nice to combine a few explosive and plyometric exercises (like the kettlebell swing and box jumps – which are always fun for me).

Day 21 To 29

It was time to put it all together, step by step, workout after workout, I got to a point that I can lift my body from the ground.

The problem was that the human flag challenge required that I’d keep my body in the air…

Here started the repetitive part of the training, just doing the moves, over and over again until I will be able to get it done!

Day 30!

Human Flag Challenge Update

As promised when I started the human flag challenge some 30 days ago, I reached my mountaintop and I’ve put my flag on it!

Yes, it may not be the perfect flag or it may not have been the highest point in the area, but let me tell you this, it is beyond every boundary I had physically accomplished until now and furthermore, it is a new starting point to the next time I’d go Beyond Boundaries!

What is your flag? Did you put your flag up high already?

As For My Plans

One of my main goals for this journey is to create a big community and basically, not doing it alone… There is power in groups and I want to use it.

That is why I’m putting together for you all the workouts that I created for this challenge, a step by step guide for how to do the human flag challenge, and some other cool challenges too.

Take control of your body, don’t let it control you! – coming soon!

Ohh And One More Thing

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You can use this Sign-Up link, that would be a huge help!



Put My Flag Up – Challenge

Put My Flag Up - human flag challenge picture

After my last challenge, I had the chance to rethink somethings on how I’m setting my goals for myself, but mostly, how to do it right!

You see, failing on my last challenge made me want to stop all of this! Just give up, it didn’t feel right (or fair) to fail at this part, at something that should be fun…

But after giving it some time and many thoughts, I remembered what I wrote for you all about how to do “it” the right way! And I came to realize that this is just a part of the grind that I will have to go through on this journey.

One more problem out of many that I need to solve.

Put My Flag Up - human flag challenge picture

So, with that in mind

I decided to jump back to the deep cold water and set myself a new challenge!

I think that just like me, you also want to reach a point in life that you can feel that you’ve accomplished something of a great value for yourself; to reach the mountaintop and put your flag on the highest point!

And my next challenge will be just that, but not in a metaphorical way, I’m going to physically put my flag up.

Put My Flag Up - human flag challenge picture

The Human Flag Challenge

This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, why? Well first it looks cool =) second, I really want to get back in the game and doing the human flag challenge, as difficult as it may be, will push me to train and work hard like never before.

So, it does not matter if I’d be able to get it perfectly right, it would be awesome, but, as long as I’m in the game and just doing stuff to move onward in my journey, I know I’m on the right way!

My goal for this one is to hold the flag position for at least 5 seconds with a good body position, my body should be in a parallel position to the ground.

I have 30 days to train hard and make it happen, as for this moment, I’m starting with only the technical understanding of what my body needs to perform.

My starting point is that I can’t lift my body with straight legs and most certainly can’t keep my arms extant, I have a lot to work on =)


Stay tuned for this challenge update on the 15th of Nov!

Learning Fun Backwards – Challenge update

Learning Fun Backwards - Challenge update picture
Learning Fun Backwards - Challenge update picture

I have to share with you guys that this backwards challenge was way more mental games than physical abilities on my end!

I found myself standing with my back to a big mattress and just waiting for some magical thing to happen.

In my mind, I was already after the jump, nailed it! My body, on the other hand, was, well, “a bit behind” to comply.

Let me just tell you

When your mind wants one thing but your body decides to do something completely different, you land on your face.

For more than 30 days I tried to get my body and mind to “think” alike.

I guess that this Beyond Boundaries journey would put some more walls in front of me at sometimes.

But I haven’t thought it would put his walls this time…

going backwards

Is sometimes the only way we can go in order to understand where we are now and to be able to move to a better place.

For me, this challenge is not completed until I could get it right! I’m going to continue practicing and I will update once I will get it!

For now, I’m planning my next challenge 💪🏻 – stay tuned for it on the next challenge post (coming on Oct 18th).

Learning Fun Backwards – Challenge

Learning Fun Backwards post picture - meditation
At a certain age, you supposed to say to yourself: “well, I’m too old for this sh*t!” For me, that age is 60 years old.
(and that’s negotiable, upwards of course).
This is why I decided that my next challenge for the next 30 days will be to learn how to do a backflip =)
A backflip
Is considered to be a basic skill, not because it’s a simple move to learn, but because it’s a good base exercise for more advanced moves.
That is one of the reasons why I chose to start with the backflip – but mostly because it looks like a whole lot of fun.
So, how to do it:
1. Begin in a standing position (that’s easy, come on, get up from bed).
2. Make a 360° rotation with your body (while you are in the air of course).
3. End in a standing position (as you seen in section 1. – that’s easy =).
Sounds easy right?
Let’s break it down, it comes down to two major movements:
From a standing position, jump as high as you can while lifting your knees to your chest.
At that moment, when your knees are close to your chest, you need to take a leap of faith and lean backward (make sure you start practicing on a big mattress before you do it on the floor).
Now, all that’s left to do is – practice, practice, practice…

Starting with day 01

I got myself really excited the day before (mostly by watching every YouTube video about backflips that’s ever been made!).
I invited some friends to just hang out and watch how I progress, making my goal public so I won’t back off from taking myself out of my comfort zone when things will start to be a bit difficult for me, and sure enough, they did.
Started by just standing with my back to a big mattress and waiting for something to magically happen…
Learning Fun Backwards - just standing
I was scared to take that leap of faith backward and jump, so I just stood there for a while, until one of my friends got up and yelled at me: “COME ON!! DO IT!”.
So, Like the four-year-old that I am, I replied: “Let’s see you do it?!!”
His reaction was: “okay” – now my friend stood with his back to the big mattress and without thinking at all, he just jumped backward!
Ended up landing on his knees and almost completing a full rotation!
“you see! Just jump!”
I got the motivation I needed.
It was my turn now, first try – I stood there and exactly like my friend, I jumped without thinking.
That ended up with me lying on the mattress face down, not knowing what went wrong.
I gave it another try… again the same thing happened, another try… same thing happened… so on until after almost two hours, I declared that I had enough for that day

In The End

My neck was starting to hurt and I could not afford to get injured.
It took me a long time to start this challenge, just because I was scared to start, and I think that was the most important step that wasn’t on my “how to do a backflip” list today!
So, for the next 30 days I’ll do my best to nail this backflip 💪🏻 I will update with a progression video on the 8th of October – Stay tuned!

How Low° Can You Go – Conclusions!

How Low° Can You Go – Conclusions! cold post picture
To be honest with you guys, I’ve never expected this challenge to turn out like this…
If you haven’t read the last post, I’ve been fighting the cold every morning for the last 30 days and this is what happened:
How Low° Can You Go – Conclusions! cold post picture
When I started this challenge, I thought to myself: “this is a horrible idea!”
And I didn’t knew to what extent until the first time I turned on the cold water (all the way), the second the water will hit your body you won’t be able to breathe
It felt as if my body was in some kind of shock and my first reaction was to scream in a very high pitch.
On the second day, I found myself in bed for almost 30 min in the morning trying to convince myself that taking a cold shower now will be a bad idea… I took it anyway.
Only on the 6th day
I began to say to myself: “this is not too bad…” and from that point onward, with every day that passed I actually began to enjoy it more and more
From not wanting to get out of bed in the morning to jumping into the cold water first thing in the morning (willingly!).
Let me explain what made me change my mind:
First, and most important (and most obvious), after taking a cold one, I was AWAKE!
If I wanted to be or not and there was no chance that I would get back to sleep – I was ready to start my day.
Once I started taking cold showers every day and without the bad feeling or fear of the cold, I was able to upgrade my morning routine to a whole new level.
I admit
There was a week during my challenge that I have skipped 3 days in a row!
That was one of the worst weeks I had this year, but I managed to get back up and continue my routine, and I’m glad I did.
It actually helped me to get out of the bad feeling that I had that week, so yes, I don’t know if by doing cold showers you’d get rid of your troubles but it will definitely make you feel more energized and I dare say happier.
I honestly believe
That like everything else in life, you got to put the work before you see some progress, some things will take a few days, some may take weeks and others may even take years to accomplish.
But there are no shortcuts, it took me a week just to start liking it and a whole month to see some change, in my mind mostly.
As I said
When I started this challenge, according to all kind of research done over the years these are the benefits that you can expect to have after taking a cold shower (instantly and also over a long period of time):
  • Make you feel more alert
  • Improve your skin and hair
  • Improve your immune system
  • Help you burn fat
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help your muscles recover faster
  • Fight depression
  • Relive stress
  • Help you get out of your comfort zone
Some of the things listed here I’ve found out to be true and the rest I guess it will take some time, like improving my immune system or skin and hair and even fat burning which I still doubt that one.

To sum things up

I’m gonna stick with this cold habit as part of my morning routine, I can’t see why not?
And by the way, you don’t have to take it all in at once, I know that a lot of people start their shower in warm water and then gradually move to colder temperatures until they reach a point they are comfortable to start with, and that’s okay too!
The main thing is just to start, you’ll get there on your own time.
How Low° Can You Go – Conclusions! cold and warm

Past Experiences ep.01 – New Zealand

New Zealand post picture

“WOW!! Why no one told me that this is so much fun!” – That was the first thing that came out of my mouth (the second thing that I said was: “I’m hungry!”).

New Zealand post picture
I was 22 years old, traveling the world by myself – looking for what to do with my life.
At that moment I was traveling in the South Island of New Zealand, enjoying one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
New Zealand for me was the land of opportunities!
Before traveling
I worked in two jobs only to make sure that when I was there, I could do whatever I set my mind to.
And sure enough, I managed to save some money, quit both of my jobs and I bought a ticket to the land of opportunities!
One of my goals while visiting New Zealand was to be completely free, I had so many problems back home that I couldn’t even imagine from where to start in this quest for freedom, so the first thing that I did after landing was to get my hands on a nice car.
“go with the flow”
No plans just whatever feel good for me. And this is how most of my days went: I would drive to someplace I saw on the map, with no “plan” or commitment, just doing whatever felt right.
If I would have found something that’s worth staying for, then I would, if not, then I would have just go to the next place on the map.
My end of the day set up was just me, my car and my tent, but to my surprise most of the time I would find myself being invited to stay with local people that I’ve met along the way.
These were the best experiences of my trip! This is how I found myself in the small ocean town, Kaikoura.
Things were about to get even better
When on one of my walks in town, I saw a sign for a scuba diving course, I have never done scuba diving until that point and it sounded fun, so I went inside the dive shop to have a look.
I don’t think that 10 minutes have passed and I had my credit card already at the sells man hands, it didn’t take a lot of persuasions once I saw a short clip with a diver and an Orca swimming just a few meters beside him!
I only had one question to my future diving instructor: “are there any Orcas in the area?”
When he answered (and showed me a video) that he saw one just yesterday – I was ready to pay any price to be able to see one with my own eyes!
On The Very Next Day
I took a swimming exam in a pool and have my very first lesson of diving basic rules and how to set up my diving equipment.
After getting all of the class duties done and passing all the basic diving theory exams I was ready to go inside the ocean for the very first time!
I cannot express with words the feeling of calmness I felt once I got under the water, at first, I wasn’t even looking at my surrounding!
I was so excited by the strange new feeling of being underwater for a long time, just being there and feeling the current as it flows.
And then it happened
I started to be aware of all the wildlife around me! Hundreds of fishes in a wild underwater forest going deeper than the eye can see! It was like nothing I had done before!
Diving in New Zealand picture
When we got out of the water the first thing that I said to my instructor was: “WOW!! Why no one told me that this is so much fun!”
(the second thing that I said was: “I’m hungry!” – scuba diving can get you super hungry!).
Warning Diving Is Addictive!
After that experience, I was looking for more! I finished my Open water course (first star) and immediately signed up the Advance course (second star).
In between the two courses I got to travel a bit and had the opportunity to dive some more with my instructor (which at that point we became friends – so I had some true local diving experience too).
I was so thrilled
When the Advanced course started as it took me to an even higher level of excitement and desire to explore the underwater world, and that is exactly what we did during the course – from underwater navigation, tracking lost equipment and even underwater photography!
What came after that was me diving more than 500 dives in a year and taking a job as a dive master at a local dive club near my hometown (not my dream job but it was a way to get free diving whenever I wanted, so I jumped on the opportunity).

To sum things up

If you find something that immediately grabs your attention – JUST GO FOR IT! I don’t know where I’d been now if I had said: “well it’s expensive… I’ll have to think about it…” just f*ing do it!
I had a lot of fun writing this as a part of a series of past experiences that made an impact on me or even changed my life!

How low° can you go?

How low° can you go post picture

I was told many times that “a cold shower is good for you!” So, I decided to do some research and like any reasonable person I asked Google and looked at every YouTube video I could find on that subject.

These are the main benefits that I found that cold showers will:

  • Make you feel more alert (no sh*t)
  • Improve your skin and hair
  • Improve your immune system
  • Help you burn fat (WTF!!)
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help your muscles recover faster
  • Fight depression
  • Relive stress
  • Help you get out of your comfort zone (well, of course it will, who the fu*k would feel comfortable in a freezing cold shower?!)
How low° can you go - cold shower
Sounds fun right?… Is it worth it?
So, here is my new horrible idea for my next challenge: I’m going to do a cold shower every day first thing in the morning for the next 30 days!
First of all, I’m a very impulsive guy with a gratification delay of a four-year-old child.
Second, I want to see for myself what’s all the fuss is about? Are all of these cold showers benefits true? or just a trend? And is it all just placebo effect?
For some of them I know they are true, like that a cold shower will make you feel more alert – Obviously – who ever felt sleepy after the hot water ran out while in the shower?
I have read about each one of the points above and they all seem to be very much true, now I won’t bother you with all the boring details why they are true, I just want to know to what extent?
That is why I will start doing cold ones for the next 30 days!
What Abou You
Have you ever done a cold shower? (that is from your own free will) I’d be happy to know that I’m not alone in this crazy challenge!
Stay tuned for the results post on 7th of September (if I won’t post it, that may have been because I died from the cold).

My Zen Practice – Why I Climb & Ride In The Mountains?

High boulder climb picture
Let me explain, over the years I’ve been trying to find a way to feel relaxed/free/ happy/focused or whatever you may call it.
Some people say that I’m running from something, they may be right but it doesn’t matter much as what I’ve found in the mountains was far more rewarding than running from whatever my problems where.
I started climbing as a way for me to overcome my fear of falling, I’ve started with easy routes – like really easy routes, the kind where you see little children on.
And I had failed these routes almost every time I tried to climb them.
1 month later
I was failing in climbing, going 5 times a week to the climbing gym, watching all the kids from the side going up and down, I decided to ask one of them if he can be my teacher, he was 12 years old.
3 months later
I was way better than (almost) all the kids! 💪 – I learned that it’s okay to shut down my ego every now and then and by doing that I’ve opened a whole new set of experiences that I couldn’t knew that existed for me.
2 years later

Now I never say that I’m good at climbing or god forbade “pro climber” but I feel that I can be somewhere above the average around the “good guys and girls” and this climbing journey not only changed my body but made me do things that I wouldn’t think of doing before: like climbing this rock:

High boulder climb picture
Or going up on a 28 meters high! climb with friends not too long ago.
if you’re not a numbers guy/girl let me try to visualize what 28 meters means for a guy like me, with a fear of falling – A LOT
But, probably the most important thing about climbing is once I’m on the rock or wall everything else just shuts down – it’s just me and the route, I can feel every muscle in my body trying to hold on and I’m in full concentration like I’ve never felt anywhere else!
This may be why I’m calling this sport zen practice and I encourage all of you to at least give it a try, we all need some “zen” or time to let go of everything else, you wouldn’t find that feeling just laying around.

And this is not the best part!

I managed to combine climbing with one more activity that I recently started – mountain bike riding!
This one is short as I’m only in the months section of my mountain bike journey, but I can tell you that the feeling of going fast downhill on a single track is one of the scariest and most fun things I’ve ever done!
It is all on the “out of my comfort zone” area which makes it even more extreme (for me) and in a weird way: kind of a Zen practice too.
I have to be there in the moment – feeling the bike moving on the track, turning and yes, even falling every now and then.
I will keep you updated as I progress in the sport, I’m super excited to be a beginner again!

To sum things up

These are the ways I find my Zen (focused, happiness or whatever you may call it) they may change in the future or I may add another one to the list, but I don’t know where I will be without them.
Climbing and mountain biking got me to become super fit! And led me to work on overcoming my fears, I get to meet awesome people along the way, I gtt to go to places and see things that not a lot of people will dare to see. And most of all, I’m having FUN.
So, tell me, what is your Zen practice? Is it climbing and riding too? Or do you have something else? Let me know! I really want to try new stuff!