How To Waste Your Time Properly

Do you have some spare time on your hands? you’ve completed all you had to do for the rest of the day?

Or maybe you simply just want to rest a bit from your busy day to day routine?

The most common activity nowadays is “scrolling your life away”

How it's done:

Basically, it means staring at a screen and moving your finger from side to side or from top to bottom until you’ve seen the recommended amount of other peoples life.

And now that you are all feeling bad and hopeless with your own life, it’s time to end your day.
(or even worse, go back to work, yes, the same work you took a few moments for yourself just to rest)

Sounds like a good option to spend your free time right?

If you think so, here, look at this, but I think I have a better option to offer you instead…

How To Waste Your Time Properly | Book Review picture

I noticed that there are some young readers here on the blog.

first of all, welcome to the journey! And second, I want to tell you guys about some great invention that’s been around for quite some time…

The Book

Now for those of you who have no idea what I’m mumbling about, a book is like a really, really old tablet that won’t do much if you press on it with your finger.

Why would you make the trade?

I agree that when you first take a look at this book thingy, you’d be like “what the fu*k is this?! I can read on my tablet or smartphone!”

And yes, you can, but it would never be a replacement for a good book!

I can prove it to you if you’d be willing to risk “wasting” some of your time on an old invention…

Are You Up For It?

(if not, just skip to the end of this post…)

Let’s start with something easy, I’ve picked up a great book for you!

By Jeremy Collins

The reasons that I picked it are that first of all, this is one of the most inspiring books I’ve read so far.

Second is that not only the book is decorated with stunning illustrations and photographs by the author, @Jeremy Collins.

This book tells of a journey towards the adventures we are drawn to in a very unique point of view.

"A visual riot and a heartfelt exploration of an adventurous life."

National Geographic Adventure

"The kind of crazy, beautiful book that makes us want to see life from somewhere we've never been..."

University Bookstore, Seattle

You can get the book here if you want or you can go and get some other book for our “wasting time” experiment.

The main thing is that you won’t replace this ancient tradition for some dull and time-wasting activity of scrolling your life away!

If You Had Skipped Here...

You are probably one of those who will answer “have you read that?” with the reply of “no, but I’ve seen the movie!”

So, just in case, yes, I’ve got you covered too, you can watch the movie here if you’re not into books…

If you enjoyed this one, check out some of my other posts hereand if you like what you’ve seen so far and want to help me out on my journey, you are more than welcome to check out my Patreon page =)

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Enjoy your journey and go Beyond Boundaries, Shahaf Suarez
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Enjoy your journey and go Beyond Boundaries, Shahaf Suarez
I’ll see you in the next one =)