About Me

My name is Shahaf Suarez

I would like to get somethings out to everyone that would want to listen and hopefully benefit from what I have to say.

My Point of View

First of all, this is not a point of view of someone who has everything he wants.

rather my point of view as someone who is going for the things he wants and telling the story as I move along.

What You Should Expect?

So expect to see here everything from traveling, business, sport, music and all the fun stuff I’ll do along the way.

With the sole purpose of getting out there and doing what I love, doing whatever makes me happy!

It's All About The Journey!

Finally, this blog is about my journey towards that Beyond Boundaries life.

And hopefully, my journey won’t be a lonely one and I’ll be able to create a big community. 

You’re welcome to take that venture with me towards that goal and go out of your limits and Beyond Boundaries!

I’ll see you around guys =)

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